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Certified Pre-Owned Cars in Sulphur Springs

Certified pre-owned cars from Nottingham's Dodge in Sulphur Springs, TX take the quality up a few notches, with additional checks and measures to ensure a higher quality pre-owned vehicle. We carry a selection of Certified Pre-Owned Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, and Jeep models that have all passed an extension inspection that consist of mechanical and aesthetic testing. Certified pre-owned vehicles are free of damage and are used less than their used car counterparts that are not certified.

Nottingham's Dodge in Sulphur Springs, TX and our team of technicians will work hard to certify the pre-owned vehicle when it passes all points of inspection. We will never pass a vehicle if it does not meet every single safety standard deeming it a certified pre-owned vehicle. We check the simple things like all fluids and brakes, and also verify all systems operate up to standard and are able to maintain appropriate temperature and pressure levels for safe operation.

On top of having a vehicle be certified pre-owned, additional benefits come with the Certified Pre-Owned program to help build the most value for your vehicle. This also involves having 75,000 miles or fewer on the odometer, and their model years must fall within the last 5 model years to qualify for their program. This helps ensure that you are getting the most value per dollar with a certified pre-owned vehicle. Save money on depreciation of a new vehicle, while also often maintaining factory vehicle warranties due to their low mileage.

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