Transmission Repair & Service in Sulphur Springs, TX

Transmission Repair & Service in Sulphur Springs, TX

Transmission repair and replacement services are available at Sulphur Springs CDJR from Sulphur Springs, Texas. Ensuring your transmission is healthy and strong is vital for the life of your vehicle. Transmission transfers power from the engine to the wheels, allowing you to drive forward and in reverse - controlling the overall rotations per minute (RPM). Using metal gearing, it also allows the vehicle to shift from gear to gear, accelerate or decelerate - so it is important to lubricate and keep cool as it is constantly being used while the vehicle is in motion.

Namely the transmission fluid level and cleanliness being the most important aspects of maintenance. If the transmission fluid level is too low, the internal parts can become distorted or even break down - causing metallic pieces to break off and impede the gearing of the transmission. If this goes unfixed, it can cause irreparable damage to the transmission gearing.

Things to be aware of if you are concerned about your transmission: 

  1. Abnormal shifting - it should be smooth and seamless; If not, transmission fluid replacement or full repair may be needed 
  2. Abnormal noises - if you notice anything different, it is time to inspect your transmission 
  3. Abnormal smell - if you notice any smell that you suspect to be related to your transmission, give the pros a call.

Sulphur Springs CDJR located in Sulphur Springs, Texas is here for all of your transmission needs - so give us a call and let certified professionals diagnose and resolve your transmission issues, and help you maintain your vehicle.